… and the winner is: Dragon fruit!

See below for my recipes and links to more Dragon Fruit info and recipes.   It’s time to add another queen to the Super Fruit Throne … and the winner is: Pitaya (pi-TAH-ya),¬†or pitahaya, better known here in the U.S. as Dragon Fruit. Reigning fruits have been: mangosteen acai noni goji blueberries … and now […]

How to freeze blueberries

Follow these steps to make your own frozen blueberries (actually, you can use these steps for most fruits) Step #1: wash the blueberries (I shampoo’m with “Veggie Wash,” then rince’m). Step #2: gently dry them with a paper towel, hand towel, or let them air dry on a baking cooling stand. Step #3: put the […]

Six blueberry recipes

Blueberries are in! and here are 6 ideas for you to use’m…. Blueberry Port Sauce (for red meats), Blueberry Orange Sauce (for poultry), Blueberry Sweet-Spiced Pudding, Blueberry Vinegar (for fish, salads), a soured dip for a Fish Frittata and last, but not least – Frozen blueberries.

What to do with under-ripe fruit

We are starting to see the first pickings of our summer fruits yet they lack the complex flavors, juiciness and sweetness that we soooo enjoy of tree-ripened fruits. I urge you not to pass them up, they have plenty of nutrients for us. Here are 7 ways to bring in some complexity, draw out their juices and give’m a bit of sweet boost.

How to open, freeze and juice pomegranates

This is a photo essay, words will come another time.