How to make collard wraps

Collard greens make great wraps, stuffed with any thing from a fruit chutney to lentils and beans to bacon and beef.

Blanching tips: avoid brown veggies

This post is a result of a comment I just posted on the website: Here’s the direct link to the comment page: I answered this question: “Q: I read your post on vegetables turning brown if blanched with the cover on. But why would my vegetables turn brown even when I leave the pot uncovered? […]

Green beans w/caramelized onions and shallots

Green beans, filet beans, haricot verts

Green beans have a hard time absorbing flavors b/c of its tight-waxy skin, so, the trick to picking up a flavor is to blanch them or soak them in a salt bath in order to get the tight cellulose walls to open up. This will allow flavors to be absorbed.