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How to make braised bok choy

As a therapeutic chef I look for ways to minimize harmful affects of cooking — and the maillard reaction and fond are two that I avoid when cooking for those who have a health challenge. Both are coveted by most chefs (including me) for both visual appeal and taste satisfaction. So, I’ve challenged myself to come up with ways in which to create the look of browned food and to create the umami flavor in my food. You’ll be able to read more about this in my upcoming book: The Bulletproof Upgraded Chef (available online, soon!).

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Demo at Monta Vista Market

Cooking demos at Monta Vista Market! No charge. Drop in any time. All improv, no recipes are used. Watch me as “we” create various dishes using different cooking methods. And, I’ll always do at least one raw dish — a salad, a soup, a blended drink. Contact me if you have any request! — cooked or raw.

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