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Six blueberry recipes

Blueberries are in! and here are 6 ideas for you to use’m…. Blueberry Port Sauce (for red meats), Blueberry Orange Sauce (for poultry), Blueberry Sweet-Spiced Pudding, Blueberry Vinegar (for fish, salads), a soured dip for a Fish Frittata and last, but not least – Frozen blueberries.

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Rhubarb Chutney, two versions

Here are recipes to go with this week’s Monta Vista Market’s produce specials… featuring rhubarb and broccoli. Lucky you! This past Wednesday, I came up with a 2 rhubarb recipes and will now share then with you because this week’s specials at Monta Vista Market includes rhubarb.

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A cook’s guide to healthy condiments

My refrigerator is organized, I’m happy to announce, with all the vinegars in one area, all the sweet condiments in another area, and all the other miscellaneous condiments in another area. YES – I keep the vinegars in the fridge, the temperature in the kitchen changes often, 20 degrees sometimes, so, the more stable temperature of the fridge will give’m a longer life span, maintaining their flavor.

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