Lunch and Learn at Sports Basement with Marcia Sivek

Chicken and Egg Salad Lettuce Boats

A Lunch and Learn with Marcia Sivek at the Sports Basement. Topic: The Food Mood Connection.

Cooking demo for Mom’s group

21 October, Friday

Women of AT&T, corporate athlete event

Guest chef at AT&T

A 30-minute motivational talk to 120 employees at AT&T in San Ramon. Here is the designer lunch menu I created and will be offered in their cafeteria for all AT&T employees.

Apple marinated in lime, dipped in truffle oil, with mint

Here’s an amuse bouche that I’ve served a number of times. This image is from my French Laundry – style brunch.     “Pommes Parfumée à la Menthe” Washington Granny Smith Apple marinated in Tahiti Lime Dipped in Sabatino Tartufi Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil with Spearmint

A French Laundry brunch, Joni style

9 July, Saturday brunch

Sportvision Health Fair

17 May, Tuesday

Sit-down meals

Planning, preparing and serving dinners is one of my favorite professional food service to do.