Dinner: recap of Neuroendocrine talk

          more photos to come. Text, too. The topic: neuroendocrine health mood sex sleep mental attitude You are not only what you eat, breathe and drink, but what you think and feel, too. I served a 5-course Paleo Greek meal: Appetizer: Fried Oyster w/Fig Balsamic Glaze Soup: Tomato Bisque w/Orange Coulis […]

Mission possible: Menu for strict diet

Accommodating a strict diet for Friday, Feb 18th Dialog Dinner in Lafayette

Dinner: Heart Health, Lafayette

1. Appetizer: Pressed salad of cabbage, parsley, garlic, onion, apple cider vinegar (like a kimchi)
2. Soup: Asparagus w/chicken broth, rosemary and sage
w/Dried Kale Chips (marinated w/lemon zest&juice, powdered onion and black pepper)
3. Main entree: Herb Crusted Cod, Fennel Slaw w/Soured Onions, Lettuce Wraps w/Warmed Savory Spinach
4. Dessert: Strawberry Sorbet w/coconut and orange

Steve Fowkes at the table

Steve Fowkes, neurobiochemist, functional nutritionist, leads the conversation at the table.

Dialog Dinners: at the table

Table scenes.

Last night’s Dialog Dinner, 5 February

Recipes coming soon! The fun is at the table with others, in the kitchen creating the feast and 19 tongues, noses and hearts (and 38 hands and eyes) enjoying the experience.

Asian Beef Short Ribs in Parchment Paper

The ribs steamed (in their own juices) for 3 hours… the meat fell off the bone, the flavors had plenty of time to rehearse and played a wonderful song on our tongues.

Paleo Meatloaf – speed cooking version

Here’s a quick way to make the meatloaf.

About Steve Fowkes, neurobiochemist

Steve Fowkes is an organic chemist, neurobiochemist, nutritional formulation consultant, legal expert witness and is considered an expert in brain function and metabolism. He has written several….

Paleolithic Meal: meatloaf, lots of veggies

A Paleolithic meal with endive, parsnip soup, kale salad, cabbage goulash, roasted root veggies and meatloaf.