I don’t know where this goes, the entree

….is a sign, on a basket, in a preschool room. It’s a designated temporary place for kids, and parents, to put something that they don’t know where it belongs.

It’s a matter of taste, the salad

Announcing the second course (the salad) to 44 people at the¬†Eucalyptus Magazine RAW dinner at Stillheart Institute, Woodside. “It’s a Matter of Taste” …. is a title of a documentary on HBO that shows the success of Paul Liebrandt, who now has a 2-star Michelin-rated restaurant in New York City, called Corton. This film shows […]

Waiting to exhale, the appetizer

Announcing the first course (the appetizer) to 44 people at the Eucalyptus Magazine RAW dinner at Stillheart Institute, Woodside. “Waiting to exhale” …..ahhhhhh. ‘Waiting to exhale’ is what came to mind when I was thinking of this course. This is a time to breathe out, relax, allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. For […]

Eucalyptus Magazine’s raw dinner, Stillheart Institute

Recap of Raw dinner for 44 people, with photos and links to recipes.

A Wu Wei, Raw Way Dinner

Sorry to say, this event is cancelled.   for Inspiration and Enhancement by Chef BeLive, Raw Food Culinary Artist and Educator hosted by Therapeutic Chef Joni Sare   Prepare to amplify your affinity with food and eating. Ride along with Chef BeLive as he takes you and his raw culinary artistry to a new level […]

Dinner: You are what you eat, drink, think, believe, behave

4 September, Sunday

Raw dinner at Stillheart, with Kevin Gianni and Joni Sare

2 August, Tuesday

Dialog Dinner: Stimulants – chocolate, vi-ag-ra & s-e-x

28 April, Thursday

Gary Taubes at the Dinner table

2 May, Monday

Sit-down meals

Planning, preparing and serving dinners is one of my favorite professional food service to do.