6-course dinner for four

Persimmons, cardamom ice cream, pots de creme

Here is a menu and images for a 6-course private dinner party for four.

Photo gallery, dinner for 12, a 6-course meal

dinner for 12, halibut with mango jalapeno, marinated carrots

A 6-course birthday dinner for 12 ….carrots stuffed with mousse, salad with wrapped bread sticks, halibut with mango jalapeno sauce, a sweet sour palate cleanser, filet mignon with grilled homemade polenta, apple galette with mango opaline.

Flank Steak Crostini

Marinated Flank Steak Crostini w/balsamic caramelized onions and red bell pepper, and blue cheese. Marinated Thyme Crimini Mushrooms for vegetarian alternative. Topped with fresh Lemon Thyme.

Dinner for executives in Livermore

I’m excited to serve a 5-course meal for six at a private residence in Livermore for their annual holiday party. Based on our conversation I created two menus — one is an “Asian Fusion” and the other is “California Spa.” Each item has a link to provide a visual of what I’m thinking of, I’ll […]

A Greek dinner for 36 people

2 Feb, 2012

Apple Mint Truffle Kabobs

This has a tart, sour, sweet, yet verrrry earthy play on the tongue. (An amuse bouche, appetizer or dessert.)

Movie and dinner: Forms of Identification

6 November, Sunday

Paleolithic menus, from past dinners

Here’s a collection of menus, from past Dinners…. Sept 4, 2011, 19 people Bacon was the star player, it showed up in each course Amuse Bouche: Marinated Green and Yellow Bush Beans, Bacon slices Salad: Grated Steamed Beets and Relaxed Kale topped w/orange, chopped Bacon ¬†and ¬†Napales (cactus), served in an orange cup Entree: Bean-free […]

A few images of a backyard dinner

Backyard dinners, see listings on the Blog page and Events page

Window of opportunity, the dessert

….is a health concept – over time you’ll want your Window to be wider, the bottom line represents rest/digestion, the top line represents action/movement. The more you rest, the lower the bottom line goes. The more physically fit you are the higher the top line goes. The wider apart the two lines are, the better health you achieve, experience.