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How to make braised bok choy

As a therapeutic chef I look for ways to minimize harmful affects of cooking — and the maillard reaction and fond are two that I avoid when cooking for those who have a health challenge. Both are coveted by most chefs (including me) for both visual appeal and taste satisfaction. So, I’ve challenged myself to come up with ways in which to create the look of browned food and to create the umami flavor in my food. You’ll be able to read more about this in my upcoming book: The Bulletproof Upgraded Chef (available online, soon!).

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Dinner with Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive

A Dialog Dinner with Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive. Dave will lead our discussion on the top three things executives can do to enhance cognitive function:
Food – what to eat and what not eat (The Bulletproof Diet); Supplements for handling more stress; Brain training (software). And a bonus discussion on new devices for health and how they impact performance of you and your company.

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Plum, Apple, Thyme Slush (or Soup)

A wonderfully refreshing drink. The thyme pulls it away from being a breakfast. And, it’s just too sweet to call it breakfast, unless you use berries and reduce the amount to a 1/2 cup. This version is good for a summer afternoon or evening. Also included is a Bulletproof version.

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Raw vegan version of a Caprese Salad

I served this version of my Caprese Salad today at a Raw Food potluck. Used a green tomato and the ‘cheese’ is pine nuts blended with olive oil, green tomato and basil. Marinated the fennel and green apple in lime juice.

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