Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Cantaloupe chips (dehydrated slices)

YESSSS… these are good, well, if you like Cantaloupe, that is.

Drying them out concentrates it’s flavor — in a big way.

In a dehydrator: dry at 90 degrees for about 8 hours, or over night.

Here are pics of dried cantaloupe chips, two varieties:

Here’s an image of the cantaloupe slices

on the dehydrator trays

along with bell peppers and cucumbers

— before drying:

Here’s an image mid-drying:

…and finished drying:

The dehydrated cucumber was okay

(yet didn’t give a POP like the cantaloupe and bell pepper).

The dehydrated bell pepper was AWESOME.

And worthy of its own post, another time, tho.

Here is another tray of

dehydrating cantaloupe, bell pepper … and plums.

…before drying:

Dehydrated cantaloup, bell peppers and plums, mid-way:

Dried cantaloupe, bell peppers and plums

you can see how each of them shrink, and that the plums remain sticky.

The plums have quite a bit of ‘bound water’ — which I’ll talk about in another blog post, stay tuned.


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