Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Bulletproof Cooking Classes

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Delicious food

We will have an

Memorable experience

Learn how to cook Bulletproof meals

Bowl of spreadable butter on a knife.

We will make

Delicious food

We will have an

Engaging time

We will create a

Memorable experience

You’ve had my food and now you want to cook it. 

That’s the best form of compliment, I’m thrilled you liked my cooking.

My Bulletproof Cooking Classes

Your Bulletproof cooking classes

are for you to set yourself up –and your kitchen– for Bulletproof success. 

Improve your cooking while learning life skills and upgrading your health.

My home or yours or online.


Fees are based on $100/hour, plus food. 

If I am traveling to you my travel, car and lodging will need to be covered.


Select your Bulletproof cooking class,
it can be at home or online.

Choose your Bulletproof cooking class

Fill in and send the request form.


Cooking Mastery Program
Technique classes:

Knife skills
Instant pot
Meal prep
Menu planning
Cooking methods

4 important elements for learning that I am committed to providing in every class

An environment for you to ask any questions about food and cooking.
A safe place for you to learn and practice skills and techniques.
Personalized teaching for you to understand how to produce a recipe and a cooking method.
Ways for you to discover tools, cookware and equipment.
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