Choosing a cutting board

Cutting board with drawers

Here’s a quick overview of cutting boards that I like, and don’t like, what works, what doesn’t work…

Cleaning fruits and vegetables

A ‘free’ scrubbing net, you might already have this! I use the net from garlic bulbs as a mit, or bag, to scrub fruits and veggies. It works well, rinses easily and lasts a couple of months.

Reinventing leftovers

“Encore Presentations” refresh • reinvent • reinvigorate your leftovers A cooking class dedicated to showing how to change leftovers into a newly inspired dish. Click here to book this class. This is a 3-hour PRIVATE cooking class for up to 6 people. “Encore Presentations: Bringing back leftovers with renewed flare!” News flash! –leftovers do not […]

3 healthy meals with low prep

  Here are 3 healthy meals that require very little prep time 1) roasted veggies and fish requires minimal chopping: the size of the veggies can be large (note: the larger the size means the longer it’ll be in the oven) you can buy pre-chopped veggies coating the veggies with oil is not recommended (because […]

First responders to the COVID19 crisis

Got odors? mustard powder eliminates odors

Got odors? Use mustard powder to get rid of pesky stale odors when you want to reuse a jar or plastic container … lids, too. Includes ideas for uses, even armpits.

DOOB: a 3D replica of chef Joni

You can get this too — I went to their San Francisco studio. They were printed in Boston, and then shipped to me, took about 3 weeks. Here’s their website:                              

Cooking – a normal thing to do

SIP (shelter in place) is March 17 through April 8th.   So, I am calling April 8th “Normal Day.” It’ll be a new normal — that I know for sure.

CookNow magazine

Here’s a mock-up I made of what the magazine COULD look like:   The magazine could possibly start in 2023, please come back then. Or, best to sign up for my newsletter in case it happens sooner. My magazine WILL BE in conjunction with my CookNow website. And I would be incredibly grateful for your […]

Use your home-cooked food for a long-lasting healthy quality life

In 2022, this page WILL BE finished to promote the best-selling book by me: “Cook Now, Using Your Own Home-Cooked Food for a Long-Lasting Healthy Quality Life for You and Your Family Including Your Pets and Parents and Setting an Example for Your Children so that Their Children will be Healthy so that Our Planet […]