Beauty and the Leftover Feast

Come on down — to Monta Vista Market
for some good’n plenty ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers!

Saturday, November 10th, 11am to 2pm

The feast starts with the Thanksgiving meal, but it certainly doesn’t end there. It’s just the beginning of an adventure designed by you the cook by re-purposing the glorious leftover food.

We’ll make breakfast items, soups, salads and more.


Beauty and the Leftover Feast:

Certain as the sun …will be tomorrow’s meals

Rising in the east …rushing over others’ heels

Gravy and stuffing w/bay as old as yesterday

Turkey w/thyme as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Leftover Feast.


Just a little change …adding this and that

Small, to say the least …will make big impressions last

Both a little scared …boldly going where they’ve never been before

Neither one prepared …yet anxiously waiting for

Beauty and the Leftover Feast.


Never just the same …the food from yesterday’s table

Ever a surprise …the food from the family fable

Never as before …will be your mission

Ever just as sure …t’is your decision

As the sun will rise …so shall the

Beauty and the Leftover Feast.

By Joni Sare, Nov 2012