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Baked Beet Chips (similar to Baked Kale)

High Ground Organics is one of maaaaaannnny farms in Watsonville (CA), yet stand above the rest in the quality of their produce. You’ll recognize them at the Farmer’s Markets from the fresh-fresh-fresh-freshness of the produce, and you’ll notice that the size is larger in comparison to others’ produce. Yet, the flavor and texture of their produce is not compromised with the larger size. Their care and diligence also shows up in how CLEAN the produce is …and free of nicks and bruises.

“Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) 

They deliver 1,500 boxes of produce each week through their “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) program here in the South Bay and Monterey/Santa Cruz area. I’m so grateful that this Do’n-It-Right farmer is sponsoring my CSA cooking demos at Williams-Sonoma, in Los Gatos every 2nd Saturday and every 4th Thursday of the month.

Now, onto the Beet Chips.

In this week’s CSA box was a bunch of beets, with the stems and leaves. I decided to focus on the greens, so I did a quick test at home and YES – the beet greens do bake just like kale leaves do — to a crispy light chip.

I saw the Cherry Tomatoes in the box and a batter for the beet chips started to formulate in my head. Cherry Toms don’t HAVE to be left whole or cut in half, eaten raw in a salad, or tossed in a stew. So, I blended them with a few other things, coated each Beet leaf, baked’m and ate’m all up. YUM.

Below are the images, w/the recipe, of how I used the cherry tomatoes in a batter for the Baked Beet Green Chips (similar to Baked Kale Chips).

Baked Beet Chips (similar to the now-popular Kale Chips).
Set the oven to 350 degrees. As the oven is warming, blend the batter: 1 cup of the Cherry Tomatoes, 1 cup cashews and 2 tsp African Curry (a spice blend available at Williams-Sonoma). Blend until smooth (I used the Vitamix). Then spread the batter on each beet leaf, layering each leaf on top of each other. .....
Stack the leaves on top of each other so that the underside gets coated with the batter as you apply batter to the top leaf. Then, slice the beet greens, see red markings, above. Scattered the slices....
.... on a baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 - 15 minutes. Best to use a non-stick baking pan, if not, apply oil to the pan. Check'm at the 10-minute mark, and then every 5 minutes. You might want to flip'm over at the 10-minute mark.

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