Looking for an unusual dining experience? 

My backyard is your destination.

Tired of your own cooking?

My cooking will be your reprieve. 

Had enough of take-out food?

My meals are full flavor, robust and complex. 


Surf’n Turf Paella

Fettuccine Alfredo w/Ragu

(most dietary needs can be accommodated)

Dates to be announced

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A backyard dining experience

In 1991, I had an inspiring experience — a memorable meal in a woman’s backyard in Caba Pulmo, about 55 miles northeast of Caba San Lucas. She cooked the fish we caught earlier that day, she served veggies that she grew in her garden and fresh-made tortillas from a woman down the road. I can still see the table, the yard, and our host/ our chef. 

This memory came to mind last week when I read that restaurants with outdoor dining can open. I got excited, I would absolutely love to provide my favorite meals to those who want to get out and have a special meal, a unique experience. Something memorable, something different but not too far away. 

My backyard

You’ll see that one of my soothing mechanisms during COVID is tending my 36-foot-long garden bed. I have a forest of kale, a grove of celery, towers of beans and tomatoes, and more. Last year, I planted 5 scallions from Trader Joe’s –you know, the ones with roots on them– well, they keep growing! And, I have a few gardening questions, perhaps you have the answers.

The backyard also has a patio table, a gazebo, a gas patio heater, and potted plants. At this time, I do not have a grill (on my wish list).

The tables and seating arrangements

The patio table seats 6 people comfortably and it has an umbrella. There’s room for more tables if need be. 

The cabana: a smidge of swank, with a pinch of chic, and a dash of rustic

This is the second summer I turned the gazebo into an enclosed, decorated and furnished cabana. The 4-wall screens keep bugs out and I think it keeps the coziness in. The flooring is an outdoor rug, and the furniture is a mix of living room and outdoor patio items. You’ll find my collection of seashells from trips to the California coast, Baja, Belize and Morocco.  

Inside the cabana are 2 tables that can seat up to 3 people. When you make a reservation, indicate your choice of sitting near the patio heater, or the fence. I have lap blankets and lanterns for those who like to linger past the twilight hour (to withstand the cooler temperatures and darkness).

Terms and conditions

By paying, you agree to these terms.