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Cooking classes in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley

Since 2005, I have been teaching cooking classes. As a trained therapeutic chef and nutrition educator I teach people how to cook. Since 2015, I  provide prepared meals for one family. Occasionally, I will cater luncheons, parties, meetings, retreats and more.

I’ve trained with a variety of local top-rated chefs, and attended some of the best diet, health and culinary workshops and conferences in the country. The number one key to health that I’ve gleaned from all of my education is this:

  • Our bodies need to be fueled with whole foods. You’ll discover what it really means to be alive, once you start eating foods that nourish your body, mind, and spirit.
  • My purpose is to bring food to the forefront to heal the body.

My goal is to assist others to create new habits to get to an automatic pilot that works for them, healthfully, mindfully and spiritually.

“Healthy cooking is the best preventive medicine.” ~ Chef Joni

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I’ve been cooking professionally since 2005, and I’ve been in the health field for decades starting with my forays into achieving wellness for myself through food (in 1988). That journey led me to the esteemed Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, where I graduated in 2006 and 2007, as a Nutrition Educator and Natural Chef, respectively.

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I became a Therapeutic Chef to help others make the necessary nutritional changes to provide for a healthy future for themselves, their families and their communities. I believe once individuals benefit from self-nurturing and healthful nourishment, they are then capable of sharing those benefits with others, which will holistically benefit everyone.

My goal is to ignite love and passion in food to allow people to choose their foods mindfully and wisely. Like so many other nutritionists, I started my professional journey by healing myself.

As a child, I had a severe case of what general medical physicians now call: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The pain was daily, yet tolerable. Constipation, abdominal cramps, restless sleep, and brain fog were the norm. I kept my pain a secret, a cure or a relief did not occur to me.

As I look back I can now say I was a sugar-aholic. Coming home from elementary school, I’d binged on ice cream, cereal, peanut butter & jelly toast, and sugary drinks. I had restless nights and often, my brain fog would not lift until noon.

In 1991, at age 30, I started juicing and my journey as a therapeutic chef began. I focused on nourishing myself with food. I began to recognize the destructive nature of sugar, alcohol, and lack of sleep. A whole new world opened up with the introduction to Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic cuisines and herbal tonics. I felt empowered and, for the first time, real relief.

Sharing information

I quickly realized that I liked to talk about the information I was reading and about the effective changes I was making. A few years later, as a personal experiment, I stopped eating wheat for three weeks. I realized that I felt terrible within a couple of hours after eating pizza, pasta or breads. Severe cramps, that would put me on the floor for several minutes, came after eating these foods.

Those weeks of being wheat-free were the start of the next leg of my journey. I began to feel normal. I was empowered and ready to take the next step. People noticed my changes, and I recognized their discomforts. They asked questions and for guidance. I could empathize with them; and happily shared the knowledge. Following my suggestions, they made changes and had successful results.

When layoffs were eminent, I decided to take my passion to the next level and become a Nutrition Consultant. And throughout the program learned to enjoy cooking, and shifted to the program for a therapeutic professional chef.

I immersed myself in programs for nutrition, the culinary arts, mental and physical therapy, exercise and got involved with the community. Living my passion has accelerated my personal and professional growth in many ways.

I promise the same attention and support that I have received on my journey to becoming a therapeutic chef to you on your journey to a healthier you –in cooking classes customized for you.

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Where You Will Find Me

I’ll be in cooking classes with individuals who want to make a change in their health through their eating and cooking habits. You’ll find me:

  • Teaching people how to cook in their kitchen or mine
  • Providing food for: individuals, group luncheons, workshops
  • Doing cooking demos at homes, schools, restaurants, retail shops, markets
  • Cooking for retreat/vacation groups
  • Recipe testing at home
  • Watching, listening, reading — cooking shows, podcasts, cookbooks

Keys to Success

My keys to success allow you to master:

  • Speed cooking
  • Cooking without recipes
  • Restoring gut health
  • Managing weight
  • Organizing your kitchen