Joni Sare, cooking instructor

A Wu Wei, Raw Way Dinner

Sorry to say, this event is cancelled.


for Inspiration and Enhancement

by Chef BeLive, Raw Food Culinary Artist and Educator

hosted by Therapeutic Chef Joni Sare


Prepare to amplify your affinity with food and eating.

Ride along with Chef BeLive as he takes you and his raw culinary artistry to a new level – a journey to behold your taste sensations, to celebrate food as you’ve never done before. … all in the style of effortless action, allowing all to unfold naturally within you and for you.

Prepare to be dazzled throughout the evening while Chef BeLive taunts and bewitches our senses.


Eyes wide shut.

The dinner will begin with an exquisite appetizer, one that will enhance your palate as you taste the flavors and experience the textures while blindfolded. This is a time to explore the depths of our own intimacies with food.

Prepare yourself for an inward journey guaranteed to stimulate amusement and bemusement.

While blindfolded, you’ll have the care from Brian, not only through his food, but also as he leads you through the profound experience of sightless eating. This is your opportunity to turn inward to curb your appetite for a deeper connection with your food. Be independent from exterior forces, go within to touch upon the will, the want, the desire to feed yourself with love and nourishment through healthful food.


Eyes wide open.

Prepare to be enraptured by the kaleidoscope of colors and textures as we move on to the main course with our eyes wide open.

By now your senses will be heightened, your awareness piqued. And as you feast your eyes on the vivid colors of the meal the inevitable will happen, wei wu wei will prevail.

Serving: BBQ Jackfruit with Traditional Cole Slaw


As far as the eye can see.

The journey continues as your taste buds are tantalized during the third course. The sweet ending will enliven your spirit and give you inspiration, taking you beyond the boundaries of our evening sanctuary.

Serving: Strawberry Cheesecake w/Blueberry Rose Sauce



This will be a backyard gathering of 40 people, intimacy will be cultivated by the placement of the tables. The tables will be set for 4 or 6 people. Choose to be amongst your beloveds or expand your kinship with those unknown, please indicate your preference when you register.

Share this intimate experience with your friend/s – pass along the invitation, save the date. Groups of 2, 4 and 6 are encouraged.

Make your reservations today to guarantee your seat/s.


Event admission

Sorry to say, this event is cancelled.

$85 for two people

$160 for four people

$210 for six people

$45 for one person

We also want to accommodate your health needs, so be sure to let us know if you are avoiding specific foods, look for the NOTE field that is provided for you when you pay.


Location, agenda

Dining location is creek-side backyard of private home in Cupertino.

  • Arrive between 7 and 7:30pm.
  • Dinner begins promptly at 7:30pm.
  • Dessert, Q&A with Chef BeLive at 9pm.
  • Mingle time at 10pm.
  • Goodbye hugs at 11pm.

{Bring your own scarf for the blindfold appetizer experience. Bring clothing for cooler evening warmth.}


[Click here for Chef BeLive’s Raw cooking class, Thursday, September 8th, 6:30pm]


About Chef BeLive

Brian James Lucas (Chef BeLive) is one of the pioneers of the 90’s gourmet raw food movement. From 1998 to 99, Brian was Executive Chef and co-owner of Organica: the Living Cuisine, located in San Francisco , CA. Organica was unique in that it was one of the first gourmet raw living restaurants in the world that was completely Raw, Vegan and Organic (Wild or Biodynamic). The restaurant was definitely ahead of it’s time, as you will find characteristic of Brian.

Chef BeLive placed as one of the top chefs in the world in the Best of Raw contest for 2008 and 2009, as well as receiving the #1 Favorite Gourmet Raw Chef Award for 2010. He considers himself a “transitional” gourmet raw chef, specializing in creating raw living cuisine that tastes superb thereby helping make people’s first experience with raw living foods equal to many of their cooked favorites. Believing that most individuals need a good tasting experience to transition into eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, he has encouraged a multitude of people discover a healthier diet through flavorful raw living plant based cuisine, including a number of athletes, actors and politicians. Chef Belive has a unique style that is definitely his own which has gained him praise amongst his peers and an increasingly large fan base.

Chef Belive was featured in Carol Alt’s new raw food book, The Raw 50, where you can find the recipe for his “Mom’s Stuffed Bells.” He is also the author of the eBook, Orgasm of the Taste Buds which has 30 delicious and simple recipes. Both the recipe for “Mom’s Stuffed Bells,” as well as his ebook can be found on his website:



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