Joni Sare, cooking instructor

A Greek dinner for 36 people

Visiting the host, seeing the kitchen

During a discussion with the party host we came to an early conclusion that we’ll offer the guests 3 choices of entrees: vegetarian, fish and meat. And not long after, we concluded that lamb will be on the menu. Now, my two most favorite ways to eat (and cook) lamb is rotisseri and braised … leg and chop, respectively. The host has a rotisseri, so, decision made…. leg of lamb.

Back at home, designing the menu

A Greek and Mediterranean cuisine came to mind when I started to think about the lamb, specifically the lamb I (used to) get at Daphne’s Greek restaurant in Walnut Creek during my time at the Contra Costa Times.
Once I thought about the flavors there was no turning back. The next thing to come to mind is my favorite greek soup… and my very own caprese salad …. and my favorite meatballs… and then the other items just fell into place.

The menu for the Greek dinner

APPETIZERS, finger food:
  • Olive topenade w/capers and crackers
  • Caprese kabobs
SOUP:  Lemon egg soup
SALAD:  Traditional Greek tossed salad
  • Vegetarian option: Collard green wraps filled with grilled eggplant hummus and quinoa tabouleh
  • Lamb option: Rotisseri lamb w/greek seasoning, stuffed with feta cheese and herbs
  • Seafood option:  Greek cod w/garlic sauce  (will use an herbed potato flour for the batter instead of wheat flour, will lightly fry — not deep fry)
  • Side #1: rice w/caramelized onion and herb-crusted chickpeas
  • Side #2: beet roots stuffed w/herb pesto
DESSERT:  Amaretto mousse

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