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A French Laundry brunch, Joni style

Here’s a slideshow of my “French Laundry” style brunch ……


I recently offered, along with friend Tharien, this Gourmet Brunch for a silent auction fundraiser at the Center for Spiritual Living, in Willow Glenn.

Dozens of people offered dinner parties, lunches, picnics, ball games, etc… and … dozens of people placed their bids. There were plenty of folks who signed up for our brunch, the bids were raised, and the 6 highest bidders were at our table. We’re thinking of having another brunch for those who were ‘bumped’ off the list. Let me know if you’re interested in being on the list for the second seating, $50/person, all funds are given to the Center. Send me an email and I’ll keep you informed of the date.

Here’s the menu …


Joni’s Tasting Menu | 9 July 2011


“Pommes Parfumée à la Menthe”

Washington Granny Smith Apple, Spearmint, Tahiti Lime

Sabatino Tartufi Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil


“Pâté Drapé avec du Bacon”

Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon, Medjool Dates

Chicken Liver Pâté and Chives


“Salade d’Endives Enveloppées Dans

Salted Black Spanish Radish, Persian cucumber, Pea Shoots

Raspberry Vinaigrette, Bariani Olive Oil


“Amande Creme Soupe de Fruits”

Tuscan Cantaloupe, Capsicum Reds, Persian Cucumber

Roasted Almonds, Red Wine Vinegar, Madagascar Vanilla, Chinese Cinnamon


“Végétal Terrine avec du Blanc d’œuf

Carrot, Beet, Duck Egg Whites


“œuf Royale avec Pommes de Terre”

Smoked Alaskan King Salmon, Tomatoes, Avocado, Sprouted Wheat English Muffin

Duck Egg Hollandaise

Oven-Roasted Herbed Fingerling Potatoes


Fraise Panache a la Creme Sorbet”

Strawberry, Coconut Cream, Feta Cheese, Chai Spices

Port Balsamic Vinegar


Here’s the promo info….


dine at The French Laundry

– Tharien & Joni style!

9 July 2011

Saturday, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM


HOSTS:  Joni Sare & Tharien Bramhall

Experience the applied science of deliciousness.

Number of guests:  6

We will enrapture and enlighten your senses with aromatherapy, eye candy and taste sensations to inspire you, to nurture you. This seven-course brunch will feature Smoked Alaskan King Salmon, other than that we’ll do our best to source local, organic and seasonal. The meal will be prepared by professional Therapeutic Chef Joni Sare and served by professional Touch Therapist Tharien Bramhall.

  • Dress is cocktail casual, we’ll embrace the elegance of The French Laundry‘s ambiance.
  • Specify dietary needs, such as: gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc… all, anything, can be accommodated.
  • There is a dog on the premises.
  • Following the brunch will be a stroll in the park, so bring a change of clothes and walking shoes.

(Here are the images of our brunch, on Facebook)

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