Knife Skills Class

As a “personal trainer for your kitchen,” it is my goal to build your culinary muscles and show you tools and techniques for success.

The most coveted of techniques: KNIFE SKILLS.

I will quickly cover the basics: the design of the chef knife, how to hold a chef knife, and the uses of a chef knife. And then, we will start slicing and dicing.

I’m excited to show you how to cut a bell pepper! …and avoid all the seeds.

Master basic life skills for the kitchen

YOUR BENEFITS, YOUR HEALTH Invest in your future with affordable, convenient, private cooking classes. My Fit, Fast, and Easy Healthy Cook- ing courses gives you the choice of individual or small group lessons and different packages that are sure to fit your pocket book and your schedule. I can guarantee that in no time at […]

Cooking lesson: knife skills and searing, sauteing, braising

This cooking lesson plan is for those who want to cover the basics of knife skills, and 3 stove-top cooking methods, using chicken, veggies and dried herbs.

Cooking classes, with knife skills, flavor structures and more

In these classes, I will share info such as: how to create your own recipe how to build flavors food storage anatomy of food alchemy of cooking tips and tricks for healthy cooking and so much more

Knife skills, speed cooking, flavors+

If you find yourself staying away from your own kitchen and saying one of the following statements, then you will benefit from a Cooking Lesson with Joni… “I’m not comfortable with a knife” … “My kitchen is too small, disorganized” … “I buy food, don’t cook it, it goes bad…”

CookNow Newsletter 03.23.20

Joni’s CookNow Newsletter 03.23.20 Hello cooking friends,  I’ve been feverishly (pun intended!) writing blog posts to help you have success in the kitchen. The links throughout are for silliness, education, and of course self promotion. Read the blog posts here. I hope this whimsical, self-prophetic newsletter brings smiles and inspiration to be a first responder. […]

How to become a good cook

How to become fluent in the kitchen “Hello, I am a personal trainer for your kitchen. My goal is to elevate your comfort level in the kitchen by replacing effort with skill. Sharing information on cooking methods (rather than recipes) is what I do to help you think like a chef.  My focus is on […]

Reinventing leftovers

“Encore Presentations” refresh • reinvent • reinvigorate your leftovers A cooking class dedicated to showing how to change leftovers into a newly inspired dish. Click here to book this class. This is a 3-hour PRIVATE cooking class for up to 6 people. “Encore Presentations: Bringing back leftovers with renewed flare!” News flash! –leftovers do not […]

Gift Certificates

I believe a cooking class is the gift that keeps on giving. They will acquire new skills, techniques and cooking methods to use their entire life. To put a new twist on an old proverb: “Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to cook fish and you feed […]

Learn What to Cook for Dinner: using cooking methods or recipes

Here are cooking methods Eventually, I’ll have each of these linked to their own page with detail information. On the stove top: Blanch Braise Fry Reduce Saute Sear Simmer Steam In the oven: Bake Braises Broil Roast And these processes: Batch cooking Blending Dehydrating Fermenting Freezing Juicing Marinating Speed cooking Click here for “Classic dishes […]