“BEST personal chef in Silicon Valley” ~SanFranMag

This announcement from “Modern Luxury” (SanFranMag) arrived in my Inbox just a week before their awards ceremony on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Prepared meals, a personal chef

Personal chef, food, dinner, lunch

EAT WELL at home, at work. There’s no time like NOW to make a change. I can help you do that. Some of you just cannot get into the kitchen or cook on a regular basis, yet want to eat healthy homemade food, so I provide prepared meals specifically designed for you. It’s easy once I […]

Once-a-day, a fresh meal everyday, five days a week personal chef


$1,500/week ($60/hour, 5 hours, 5 days) +food cost This package is for those who want a fresh meal everyday, 5 days/week. Leftovers is just not for you. This rate is based on an average of 5 hours/day, however, the actually hours per day will fluctuate based on menu planning and shopping. Discount rate: $1,400/week, +food […]

Twice-a-week personal chef packages


$xxx one-time package This package is for those who want meals prepared twice in week. I’ll come to your home two times in one week to prepare the meals you need. This can be a combination of breakfast, lunch, dinner and or snack items. $xxx, 4-week package Must be pre-paid for a total of $xxxx. […]

Once-a-week personal chef


$480 +food cost This package is for those who want meals prepared for them one-day-a-week, who pay on a weekly basis. The meals can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days, or frozen for up to 4 weeks. Discount rate: $400 +food cost, a 4-session package This is for those who want […]

Twice-a-week personal chef packages

925-381-8498 cell/text messages 408-320-JONI [5664] local Google Voice# jonisare@gmail.com Cupertino, Walnut Creek SF Bay Area, California Shop Amazon for kitchen gear My style, my training: Natural and healthy Simple and adventurous Improvisational (cooking without recipes) Cooking with color, texture, shapes, size and flavors My focus is on: Unrefined, minimally processed foods Organic, biodynamic, sustainable foods […]

Joni’s personal chef services and pricing

Supporting you in your journey of good health is my pleasure, my wish, my dream. Personally, since putting attention to my health during the past 22 years, I’ve gone through phases of trials and tribulations. During this past 5-year phase the one thing that has kept me strong and vital is my relationship with food. […]

Personal chef: two meals per day for five days, for two people

Here is a photo gallery of food I’ve made for private clients.

Personal chef: 2 meals, 2 people, 2 snacks

Here is a photo gallery of food I’ve made for private clients.

Cooking for you: private, personal chef

I’ve incorporated principles from many professionals, from Raw, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic, Paleolithic approaches, from friends and relatives, too.