Personalized Meals

Hello, it’s April 5th and for the time being, I can not conduct cooking classes, so I am now available to cook for you. Before Covid19, I was teaching cooking classes and about 20-30 people / week would come to my home, for nearly 4 years. My 3 most popular classes were: Paella, Pasta and […]

“BEST personal chef in Silicon Valley” ~SanFranMag

This announcement from “Modern Luxury” (SanFranMag) arrived in my Inbox just a week before their awards ceremony on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Personal chef: two meals per day for five days, for two people

Here is a photo gallery of food I’ve made for private clients.

Personal chef: 2 meals, 2 people, 2 snacks

Here is a photo gallery of food I’ve made for private clients.

Cooking for you: private, personal chef

I’ve incorporated principles from many professionals, from Raw, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic, Paleolithic approaches, from friends and relatives, too.

Knife Skills Class

As a “personal trainer for your kitchen,” it is my goal to build your culinary muscles and show you tools and techniques for success.

The most coveted of techniques: KNIFE SKILLS.

I will quickly cover the basics: the design of the chef knife, how to hold a chef knife, and the uses of a chef knife. And then, we will start slicing and dicing.

I’m excited to show you how to cut a bell pepper! …and avoid all the seeds.

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As the Personal Trainer for Your Kitchen, my newsletters is just one of the tools I use to help build your culinary muscles. I want to build your strength and confidence in food and cooking. The bonus is that you have nothing to lose, and many ways to gain –and flex— your gustatory and culinary […]

How to become a good cook

How to become fluent in the kitchen “Hello, I am a personal trainer for your kitchen. My goal is to elevate your comfort level in the kitchen by replacing effort with skill. Sharing information on cooking methods (rather than recipes) is what I do to help you think like a chef.  My focus is on […]

Group cooking parties

Book a cooking party for your GROUP These cooking classes are designed for: Corporate team building events Friends Family Bachelor and Bachelorette celebrations Birthdays and anniversaries Girls and Guys night out TERMS and CONDITIONS: by paying, you agree to these terms. Need more info? Call now or email me. Join me, a personal trainer for […]

Couples cooking classes

Book a private 3-hour 3-course cooking class for 2 people. My couples cooking classes are for 2 people (couples, family members / parent and adult child, friends) who want to have a private cooking class. These classes are 3 hours with a 3-course meal. We start off with appetizers, and then we cook together for […]