How to plan a menu

Menu planner

With menu planning you actually make the meal twice: 1st time is when you make it in your mind while you are planning. The 2nd time you make the meal is when you actually do it. And the 2nd time is alway easier than the first. Menu planning strategies and tools equals success with home-cooked meals.

One week menu for JumpStartMD diet

Here’s a one-week menu plan for a client who is doing the JumpStartMD diet. She wants to lose weight, pronto, and this diet will keep her on tract, it’s varied veggies, low carb, healthy fats and protein. This menu includes dinners for the weekdays (lunches will be at her company). Includes snacks for at home […]

Menu ideas for pre-made meals

Here are menu ideas, a quick list, for those of you who would like to have pre-made meals in the fridge or in the freezer.

Menu ideas for individuals, the family and groups

Need menu ideas? Curious to know what I’ve been doing in the kitchen?

Paleolithic menus, from past dinners

Here’s a collection of menus, from past Dinners…. Sept 4, 2011, 19 people Bacon was the star player, it showed up in each course Amuse Bouche: Marinated Green and Yellow Bush Beans, Bacon slices Salad: Grated Steamed Beets and Relaxed Kale topped w/orange, chopped Bacon ¬†and ¬†Napales (cactus), served in an orange cup Entree: Bean-free […]

Menu for 3-day retreat, June 2011

I’m thrilled to join Susan’s group again this year for her Solstice DeliciousSoul retreat (a SoulCollage weekend). I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the group, the retreat house last year, and am looking forward to another fabulous dose this year. I did all raw meals last year, however, this year – Susan has asked for a mix of cooked and raw… here’s what our menu will be:

Private cooking lesson: greens, quinoa and fish, the menu

I created these two meals for a couple in Pacifica, they will choose one, or both, to make while I stay with them during a weekend in July. I’ll be creating the other meals for our weekend together and will post the info, soon. Here are their goals…. 1. to minimize cooking time while maximizing […]

A paleo menu: breakfast, lunch and dinner

“Paleolithic” comes to mind when creating this menu for a new client… 3 Breakfast meals: She doesn’t do well with fruits and carbs in the morning, so she asked for meat-based breakfast. Buffalo Lamb Loaf w/onions, sage Chicken Livers w/coconut oil, shallots Turkey Pork Patties w/fennel, clove and cayenne 4 lunches: Kitcheree (an Indian rice […]

Private cooking lesson: Meat, the menu

One of my culinary students (cooking client) recently contacted me asking for a cooking lesson on “How to cook Meats.” Our previous class was “How to cook Fish.” This time she wants to learn different ways to cook ‘meats,’ and to cook enough to freeze for later use. Here’s what I came up with, she […]

Private cooking lesson: Fish, the menu

A woman contacted me asking to learn a few ways to cook fish, and she wants to make enough to freeze for later use. We’ll meet in her kitchen, in Mountain View, on Friday, for 4 hours. I came up with these ideas, below, she is to pick 3 of the 4 choices ….. Parchment-wrapped […]