Mystery Bag Challenge, team building cooking party

Mystery Basket Challenge, a team building cooking experience and, a fun way to spend time with friends. Here are a few pics of what teams have made: This is a 1-hour competition and mingling event. This team building experience is very quick, and engaging, making fast decisions, creating a product (appetizer) within 20 minutes. Within […]

Mystery Basket “Chopped” competition

Cooking class, 9 people, the food4a.jpg

A fun foodie competition – just 20 minutes to finish a dish.

Group Cooking Parties

Group cooking parties Team building events Request a Group Experience × Send Request Select your menu, the date and pay here. TYPES OF EVENTS 3-hour team-building cooking party, everyone in the kitchen, then sit down to eat the meal you all just made. 2-hours, with appetizers Mystery Basket Challenge with teams of 3-5 people, no […]

Skill-building Cooking Classes

Customized 2-hour skill-building cooking classes for 1 or 2 people Request a Cooking Class × Request a Cooking Class 1 or 2 people, 2 hours: $250 for 1 class $400 for 2 classes Plus food cost   These classes are customized to your goals: to learn specific skills, and to cook a specific diet, a […]