3 soups in 3 minutes in the Instant Pot

3 soups in 3-minutes in the Instant Pot

(1) Pour in 1 cup of broth, and turn IP on Pressure Cook : HIGH : 3 minutes.

  • Option: add FROZEN fish pieces, or FROZEN chicken tenders (small pieces)

(2) Add medium-size chunks of veggies up to the fill line.

    • Broccoli should be frozen because 3 minutes will overcook fresh broccoli.
    • Squash and potatoes ought to be less than 1-inch thick.
    • Warning: even large pieces of zucchini will go to mush. But I am okay with that, see Step 5 Option.

(3) Lock lid in place and push start.

(4) When 3 mins is up, do a QR.

(5) Uncover, and separate the soup into 3 different food containers large enough to add broth.

Option: stir the veggies before removing from the pot in order to break up the soft pieces so then you have this nice smooth yet chunky soup. 

6) While veggies are cooking: gather your 3 soup broths:

  • For fasted ease: use the pre-seasoned jars, cans or boxes, or make your own ahead of time.
  • Can also use curry, biryanis and any other pre-made condiments. 

Options to add to the individual food containers:

  • pre-cooked lentils, rice, or quinoa
  • a splash of red wine (Port), or white wine (Vermouth) 
  • pre-cooked meat