3 healthy meals with low prep


Here are 3 healthy meals that require very little prep time

1) roasted veggies and fish

  • requires minimal chopping:
  • the size of the veggies can be large (note: the larger the size means the longer it’ll be in the oven)
  • you can buy pre-chopped veggies
  • coating the veggies with oil is not recommended (because overheated oils are damaging to the mitochondria in our cells) —you don’t have to put oil on’m.
  • requires no babysitting: once you put the food into the oven the only thing to do is to wait for the timer to let you know to check it.
  • seasoning ideas:
    • nothing, they are tasty as is.
    • salt: add after they are roasted, and start low and add more if need be.
    • condiments: click here for ideas

How to cook it:

  • wash the veggies:
    • rinse under water is okay.
    • It is best to: soak for a minimum of 15 seconds in a bowl of water with vinegar, bleach, or veggie wash
  • put veggies on a baking pan and roast in the oven
  • 350° for 20 minutes, or until soft
  • when soft add the fish and cook for another 3 minutes (or 5 minutes)
  • season it with your favorite spice blend, or prepared condiment

2. steamed veggies, beans and grains

  • this is a one-pot meal, with a little bit of babysitting
  • requires minimal chopping (or buy pre-chopped veggies)
  • can be any veggies:  roots, stocks, stems, fruit (squash), and leaves
  • 1  can beans
  • 1 tsp of spice blend, this way you only have one bottle of spices to deal with
  • 1/2 tsp salt (only if your spice blend does not include salt)

How to cook it:

  • Put everything together (except for the leaves) in a sauce pan on the stove top and cover and cook (follow the package directions for the quinoa/rice)
  • When the quinoa is cooked, stir well, taste and adjust the flavors.
  • for 20 minutes, this has a two-part cooking stage: high heat, then low heat, so this requires a bit of attention at the beginning

3. hearty squash soup

  • bake a whole squash at 350° for 30 minutes, cool to touch and put the pulp in pot, add liquid (water, soup broth)
  • or buy pre-made low-sodium squash soup
  • add pre-made lentils (Trader Joe’s)
  • add leftover roasted veggies (from above)
  • add a jar of low-sodium salsa

How to cook it

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