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Topics with Steve Fowkes, neurobiochemist

Here are past Dialog Dinner topics with Steve Fowkes, neurobiochemist:

1. Cultivating the beneficial effects of alcohol (i.e., preventing hangovers)

2. Psychological addiction to sweets and deserts (how to cut down carbohydrate cravings).

3. Intermittent fasting strategies. Partial fasts. Inflammatory and neuroendocrine benefits.

4. Managing food hypersensitivities. Rotation diets. Enzyme supplements. Food challenges.

5. Enhancing and restoring sleep rhythms. Tuning in to the 14-hour day.

6. Managing the SAD season (spectral enhancements of light, and vitamin D).

7. Inflammation. What is it? And what can be done to control it?

8. Ketosis, coconut oil, MCT fat and mitochondrial nutrition.

9. Insulin resistance, degenerative diseases. The role of carbohydrate and ketosis.

10. pH balancing: understanding body alkalinity. The other (acid) side of the story.

11. Cellular hydration and potassium utilization. A testable aspect of metabolic balancing.

12. The nutritional basis of happiness and mood. From neurotransmitters to B-complex.

13. Smart drugs (and nutrients): The designer brain (take it out and play with it).

14. The ABCs of metabolism. From vitamins to metabolic exercise.

15. Collagen and connective tissue health: cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and stroke.

16. Serotonin, sleep, happiness and emotional equanimity.

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