Team building / Groups

Fee is based on…

  • $75/hour, plus food cost. Billable hours are menu planning, shopping, set up, class time, and clean up.
  • use of my venue (utilities, equipment use)
  • group size, menu, length of time and location
  • distance (travel fee for more than 30 miles).
  • For groups of 8-15 people, I will hire 1 assistant.
  • For groups more than 16 people, the number of assistants that I hire is based on the menu.
  • Menu could be: Just appetizers, or a full meal
  • Sit-down plated meal, or buffet
  • My menu, yours, or we design one together
  • Payment is required to secure the date.


Payment goes to “”

  • Venmo, or Google Wallet
  • PayPal, plus 4% processing fee
  • Credit card / Square, plus 4% processing fee
  • Check, or cash


  • 1-hour appetizer Mystery Basket Challenge with teams of 3-5 people, no kitchen needed (location can be your office, a park, a winery, private home, other).
  • 1-hour lunch’n learn, no kitchen needed, I demonstrate a cooking method.
  • 3-hour team-building cooking party, everyone in the kitchen, then sit down to eat the meal you all just made.
  • I cook the meal for your group.


By paying, you agree to these terms.

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Master Basic Life Skills for the Kitchen

Two ways to cook: with recipes and without recipes

Contact me today—for a healthier you tomorrow! Get started now!

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”
Chinese proverb

Socialize and cook together – a great combination

I help facilitate interaction and decision making in a social setting.

We’ll share stories, recipes, techniques. Plus, having time with a personal trainer for the kitchen is rewarding for all, because these are skills to use for a lifetime, and feeling comfortable in the kitchen is the first step toward enjoying the art and science of cooking.

My menus include:

  • Italian – Pasta, Tiramisu
  • Spanish – Paella, Orange Cake
  • Thai – Tom Kah, Pad Thai
  • Moroccan – Tagine, Pistachio Cookies
  • French – Beef Bourguignon, French Macarons
  • French – Coq au Vin, Creme Brulee

Join me in the kitchen to gain a closer relationship with friends and coworkers, and to gain cooking skills.

I can help you find your inner cook, and help you define the flavors you enjoy so that you cook for your own tastes, your own personal cuisine.

Or, you don’t cook: you have a meeting, do a presentation, and then eat my food…

  • Corporate groups
  • Birthdays, and anniversaries
  • Bachelor, and dBachelorette parties
  • Volunteer groups, and clubs
  • Moms, or Dads night out
  • Girls, or Guys night out
  • Date night
  • Teens, Kids (6+)

You’ll acquire new skills, techniques and cooking methods to use your entire life! To put a new twist on an old proverb:

“Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to cook fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Group/public cooking classes

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Past classes

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Read about past cooking classes and demos.