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Private cooking lesson: Meat, the menu

One of my culinary students (cooking client) recently contacted me asking for a cooking lesson on “How to cook Meats.” Our previous class was “How to cook Fish.”

This time she wants to learn different ways to cook ‘meats,’ and to cook enough to freeze for later use.

Here’s what I came up with, she will choose 3 recipes from the list below….

Slow cooker, one dish meal:

  1. Asian Beef Short Ribs with Chinese 5 Spice and fig red wine reduction sauce, veggies and rice
  2. Lamb Stew w/potatoes, broccoli, preserved lemons and Moroccan tagine spices

Stove top:

  1. Breakfast patties, with a choice of ground turkey, chicken, pork and/or lamb with onions, sage and fennel
  2. Poached Chicken Marbella w/black and green olives, capers, red sherry, red wine and fresh oregano


  1. Rabbit and leeks w/veggies and a white wine mustard reduction sauce
  2. Buffalo and lamb loaf w/veggies and gluten-free bread crumbs

FYI – She’ll be hosting a potluck the evening that we cook together, so, she’ll choose one of these dishes to serve for 10 women. … as well as make enough servings to freeze for a couple of meals for herself and her husband.

Here is what she’s chosen to make

1. In the slow cooker: Asian Beef (she’ll make enough for herself and husband – as well as enough to serve 9 women the same evening at a potluck that she is hosting).

2. On the stove top: Chicken Marbella

3. On the stove top: Lamb Stew

Here’s her shopping list.

And here are menu plans to complete each of the 3 meals (link to come).


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