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Mission possible: Menu for strict diet

My mission: to concoct a menu suited for a guests’ strict diet (for next week’s Dialog Dinner in Lafayette). One of the guests wrote to me saying he has been eating a very short list of foods for 3 weeks now and will continue for a while and wondered if he should bring his own dinner, or if I could concoct a menu using his foods. H— yeah. I’m always up for a food challenge…. funfunfun!

Here’s the list of foods he can eat…

And scroll past this list to see my 4-course gourmet menu plan, let’s see if he gives the thumbs up…. do you give thumbs up? … state your comments, below.

· grass-fed beef
· organic chicken
· white fish

· cabbage
· kale
· chard
· onions
· garlic
· parsley
· spinach
· tomatoes
· celery
· fennel
· asparagus
· lettuce, any kind

· apples
· grapefruit
· oranges
· strawberry

· lemon juice
· white or black pepper
· sea salt
· raw apple cider vinegar
· any organic herb
· some coconut oil

And that’s it!

The menu: mission accomplished, I hope…

Below is my menu plan, let’s see if he gives the thumbs up…. do you give thumbs up?

Here’s what I’m thinking, I hope he’ll like it (and you, too!), and – I’m trying to stay with seasonal foods:


Pressed salad of cabbage, parsley, garlic, onion, apple cider vinegar (like a kimchi)


Asparagus w/chicken broth, rosemary and sage
w/Dried Kale Chips (marinated w/lemon zest/juice, powdered onion and black pepper)

Main entree:

Herb Crusted Cod w/thyme, oregano, marjoram, lemon zest, baked w/coconut oil
Fennel, Celery, Onion Slaw w/apple cider vinegar, black pepper, garlic powder, parsley and oregano
Lettuce Wraps w/Warmed Spinach, Basil and Sun-dried Tomato Lemon Chutney


Frozen Strawberry Sorbet w/Lemon and fresh Mint

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  1. Joni,
    This menu looks fabulous!! And a HUGE improvement over what I’ve been making for myself these past two weeks from that short list. You’re really wonderful to take this on and I can’t wait to dig my teeth into it. I’m really looking forward to seeing you Friday night and thoroughly enjoying another one of your amazing dinners.

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