Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Healthy Paella Cooking Class

Chicken Paella

Below is the description of the class.

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Seafood Paella (with shrimp, mussels, clams)
Vegetarian Paella
Seafood Paella on the left, Chicken Paella on the right, Veggie Paella in the back
I make my paella with sofrito (a Spanish mire poix of onions, peppers and tomatoes) ....and ... do you see the dark-colored rice? --- I flipped the rice over in order to show you the socarrat (soh-kah-raht). That's the treasured caramelized rice at the bottom of the pan, which makes a more authentic paella.
Another pic of the Paella showing the delicious socarrat (soh-kah-raht), the caramelized rice at the bottom of the pan.
There were 4 of us taste-testing today..... yummmers.


This is a (sold out) cooking class for two MeetUp groups, here is the class description:

WHO WILL BE TEACHING THE CLASS?  Wow, we are so fortunate that  local star chef, admired amongst her chef peers, and respected Chef Joni Sare has so kindly offered to teach this class to our group.  (OK I begged her incessantly)  Joni has a reputation as being a big time community advocate, multi faceted talent, and an expert in multiple cooking techniques and diets, few rarely understand at her expert level.  I cannot emphasize enough how lucky we are that she has donated her time and services to our group for such a reasonable cost!  This class with her Whole Foods or Draegers would easily cost 45 dollars or more with a crowded classroom.


Honestly?  In Peggy’s humble opinion?  EVERYONE!  Great Cooking Class for Beginners to advanced!   Learn to make a traditional Paella choosing from 3 types 1. Super Veggie,  2. Fresh Prawns 3. Chicken or Sausage. After preparing and cooking the Paella in class.  Lunch will be served with  your own  prepared light Paella lunch!


2.5 hours March 10th from 11:00 to 1:30 with Star Chef Joni Sare for only $25 bucks. Choose between Paella types 1. Super Veggie 2. Chicken 3. Traditional Shrimp/Seafood .


During this class you will learn quite a bit

1. different  prepping techniques for cutting, dicing and working with knives on the ingredients in the recipe

2. layering flavors, wines, stocks, spices and herbs

3. Mastering the skills to recreate your own Paella at home, complete with recipes, and step by step instructions to take home. Photos will be allowed.

4. For a  small optional extra fee we will provide you with all the ingredients necessary to take home and recreate your recently learned Paella at home by yourself. If you have questions you can contact Peggy or Joni for help at home while you do this on your own.


Seafood Paella on the left, Chicken Paella on the right, Veggie Paella in the back

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