Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Guest chef at Intel

By popular demand, the recipes will be posted, soon.

Healthy cooking

from farm – to box – to your plate

Featuring “boxed produce” from High Ground Organics.

Joni will:

  • share healthy cooking tips’n tricks
  • create recipes using the produce in the box
  • show us the chemistry of cooking
  • teach us how to build flavor



SC 12 Cafeteria, Intel

11am – 1pm

Thursday, January 26

Friday, January 27

Monday, January 30


Joni created the menu and recipes based on the goodies packed in the box from:

High Ground Organics

Thursday, January 26


Vegan soup:
Creamy Leek Soup w/romanesco, fennel and ground toasted coriander
  • has caramelized leeks and celery
  • steamed romanesco and fennel stalks (bulbs will be used in the salad)
  • the coconut milk will be made that morning with blending fresh/frozen shredded coconut with water and then strained
Vegan salad:
Sweet’n Sour Herbed Stacked Salad w/fennel, collard greens and beets
  • 1st layer will be a raw slices of fennel bulb marinated in meyer lemon juice
  • 2nd layer will be chilled sauteed chopped collards w/carrots and herbs de provence in olive oil
  • 3rd layer will be roasted sliced chilled beets marinated in tamari
  • 4th layer will be garnish of chopped fennel leaves and meyer lemon zest
Vegan main, with chicken option:
Grilled chicken or tofu and sauteed savoy cabbage and squash, w/tangy ginger peanut sauce, topped w/’almost’ preserved lemons
  • squash will be diced and cooked with onions, ginger and cabbage
  • chicken or tofu will be options
  • the sliced meyer lemon rind will be marinated in umeboshi plum vinegar (very similar to preserved lemons).
Friday, January 27


Vegan soup:
Hot’n Sour Squash and Peanut Soup w/pickled red chilis, red pepper flakes, ginger and tamarind
  • has Butternut Squash, Savoy cabbage, Romanze and Desiree Potatoes
  • the flavors were inspired by the previous day’s peanut ginger sauce
  • the coconut milk will be made that morning with blending fresh/frozen shredded coconut with water and then strained
Monday, January 30


Vegetarian soup:
Italian Herb Vegetable
  • has Savoy cabbage, collard greens, roasted Carnival squash
  • cabbage, carrots and green onion tops will be salted, massaged and then added to the steaming broth at the very end so that they retain some of their crispiness
  • the sauteed mirepoix will be: olive oil, green onions, leeks and celery

High Ground Organics is perched above Harkins Slough, just outside of Watsonville west of Highway 1. Our top priorities are growing flavorful, nutritious vegetables and fruits to nourish our customers, and maintaining a vibrant, clean, and healthy environment on and around our farmland. We go to great lengths to prevent erosion, create a living soil, improve surrounding wildlife habitat, and conserve water and other resources on our farm.



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