Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Gary Taubes at the Dinner table

NOTE: this event is booked, contact Joni to be placed on the wait list.


I’m hosting a Dialog Dinner with featured guest Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat. (

This event is for health professionals only, limited to 12 people so that an intimate and communal setting will be cultivated, expressed.

This event will be Monday evening, May 2nd in Silicon Valley. Gary will be speaking at Google (will be a Tech Talk guest) on that day, at noon, and will join me (us) at the table that evening.

$50, (this covers the food and overhead costs, staff and a bit of my time)

I will serve a 4-course paleolithic (grain free, slow carb, most all foods cooked from scratch) meal, with vegan option. …and will do my best to wow your senses with …

        • aromatherapy
        • eye candy
        • taste sensations

….to inspire and nurture you.

Our agenda:

  • Arrive between 6:30pm and 7pm and gather in the front room with Gary and guests, amuse bouche will be served.
  • We’ll sit down at the table to a 4-course meal at 7pm.
  • Goodbye hugs at 9pm.

Topics could include, but not limited to:

  • Evolution vs devolution: The industry of food vs the stability of our health.
  • or maybe better put…. Evolution vs devolution: The growth of the food industry vs the stability of our health.
  • or, wait – how’bout this …. Evolution vs devolution: Which is it – our health or the food industry?
  • or… do you have some other topic you’d like bring to the table?
  • How our lives are/will be affected by – and/or governed by – food consumption and farming practices.
  • What we can do, as experts in this arena, to influence the future of food production, consumption.

…. and other possible points to discuss:

  • The health benefits of beta-oxidation, cultivating burning fat for fuel.
    How we as professionals deal with ethics of animal consumption and the strain on the environment.
  • Intermittent dieting/fasting.
  • One-size-does-not-fit-all perspective.
  • How to manage biochemical individuality: genetics, epi-genetics, metabolic type, blood type, body type.
  • Speculations of a ‘natural’ diet, how can we determine what our (pre-domesticated) ancestors ate?


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