Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Eucalyptus Magazine’s raw dinner, Stillheart Institute

See PHOTOS of this event, below, with LINKS to each course.


It’s all about RAW with Kevin Gianni and Joni Sare

Presented by: Eucalyptus Magazine and Stillheart Institute


Making the Raw Food Diet Work for You,
a Health Lecture, Demonstration and Dinner

With Kevin Gianni and Joni Sare

When: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 6-9 p.m.

Our LIVING* Menu……….

Home-brewed Tea, by Annmarie Gianni: Cinnamon Tea and Holy Basil Tea (served by Chris)

Appetizers, shown above: Marinated Melon and Mint Kabobs
and Spiced Apple Chips filled with Soured Almond Cream Cheese

(Click here for info about the appetizers: Waiting to exhale)

Salad: Field Greens w/Vibrant Green Herb Dressing and Battered-Unfried Onion Rings
(Greens include: Lamb’s Quarters, Purslane, Orach Spinach w/spiralized beet root)

Topped with Avocado 3-Herb Dressing, not shown.

(Click here for info about the salad: It’s a matter of taste)

Main course:

Live Tomato Tortilla Wrap w/Carrots and Pea Shoots enveloped in Savory Nut Pate;
Coconut Meat Scallion Crepes filled w/Creamed Zucchini, served w/Sweet’n Sour Asian Dipping Sauce;
Dehydrated Beet Greens and Beet Stems

(Click here for info about the main course: I don’t know where this goes)


Lemony Un-Cheesecake w/Lemon Zest
5 Spice Un-Cheesecake w/Gogi Berries
Coffee Un-Cheesecake w/Chocolate Nibs

(Click here for info about the dessert: A window of opportunity)


*LIVING: A living foods diet consists of unprocessed raw vegan foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius). Foods are prepared with the intention of retaining the highest nutrient value possible in the vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author, and interviewer whose programs and online seminars have helped thousands of people from over 21 countries learn more and improve their health. Follow him @kevingianni

Joni Sare is a certified Nutrition Educator and Natural Chef supporting others in getting to a new automatic pilot that works for them. Her personal journey is in the fusion between raw, macrobiotic and paleolithic cuisines. Follow her @jonisare

For more information: or  408.335.4778

October 6, 2011 Gluten free living with Dr. Gary Gray from Stanford Hospital

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