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CSA cooking classes

NOTE: Date has been changed: from Saturday, July 14 to Thursday, July 12th.

‘Cook-from-the-Box’ cooking classes

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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.”

Roshambo, or rock-paper-scissors, is a ‘trump’ game where one hand gesture trumps another. I will show you how to bring the idea of this game into the kitchen. I’ll demonstrate how various flavors are used to ‘trump’ other flavors, such as:
salt trumps harsh peppery flavors of turnips and radishes
sour trumps the bitter taste of the chard
These cooking parties are fun, informative and inspirational. All classes will be in my 10-person kitchen, at my home in Cupertino (near I280 and Foothill). See above for the payment link: $25 for each class, pre-payment is required. 10 people maximum capacity. Bring a chef knife and cutting board (optional). Each class will be 2 hours and includes a light meal of the food. All meals will be vegetarian (ideas can be given for meat, fish, poultry). Scholarships are available, contact me for details ( 
Last-minute signups are okay, just send an email or give me a call.
These classes have culinary golden nuggets for every home chef, whether you are a beginner or seasoned chef. In each class you will learn:
  • flavor structure (ex: mire poix, herbs, spices)
  • cooking methods (ex: wet, dry)
  • knife skills (ex: roll cut, brunoise)
….. and so more.

Join fellow CSA members, bring your spouse, bring your kids, bring your non-CSA friends. All classes will be in Chef Joni’s 10-person kitchen, at her home in Cupertino (near i280 and Foothill).

Find the fun in cooking with me as I share with you the ease and grace of using the ‘boxed’ CSA* produce from High Ground Organics.


  • $25 per class.
  • Click the PayPal link below, no need for a PayPal account.
  • Be sure to include the date you will join me, and number of people in your party.


  • anyone is welcome, no need to be a CSA member
  • teens are welcome, kids under 8 years old are free
  • $25 for each class, pre-payment is required, be sure to indicate any food allergies, sensitivities, major dislikes (as a therapeutic chef it is important to me to accommodate your needs)
  • 10 people maximum capacity, each person will have a work area
  • some “hands on,” — mostly knife skills and introduction to various gadgets and small appliances
  • ‘knife skills’ will be part of each class, you are welcome to bring a chef knife and cutting board (optional)
    (we will dice, slice, make triangles, rondelles, juliennes, and batonnet, brunoise, lozenge, paysanne cuts)
  • each class will be 2 hours
  • each class includes a light meal of the food we make, we’ll sit down together at the dinner table
  • all meals will be vegetarian (ideas can be given for meat, fish, poultry)
  • these classes are designed to be improv, those who attend will choose the dish, flavors, etc
  • I will have additional foods on hand to use, such as spices, herbs, oils, salts, nuts, seeds, tortillas, pasta, grains, cheese, etc.
  • every class will be gluten free

Example of –previous and future– class content:

  • Dairy-free soups on the stove top
  • Broiled, braised and baked veggies
  • Simmered, sauteed and steamed veggies
  • Joni’s top 3 favorite spice and herb blends
  • A close look a cooking oils
  • Creamy, crunchy, chewy textures
  • Various shapes – triangles, dices and slices

*CSA: Community supported agriculture

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