Cooking classes

1 person, your home, 2 hours:
$180 for 1 class
$480 for 3 classes

2 people, your home, 2 hours:
$210 for 1 class
$550 for 3 classes

3+ people:
Contact me for pricing information.

The rates above are based on $75/hour (+$40 for second person) with pre-payment, at your home, and you do the shopping. Together, we decide the menu and I will send a list of food that is needed. I can shop, bring the food and give the receipt to you for reimbursement, to be paid when we meet for the class. The fee for shopping is $40.


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Master Basic Life Skills for the Kitchen

Two ways to cook: with recipes and without recipes

Contact me today—for a healthier you tomorrow! Get started now!

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”
Chinese proverb

Learn to Cook, a Cooking School For You

Join me in the kitchen to get to a new version of an automatic pilot that works for you – for your health, for your lifestyle. Learn what the best meal is for you, based on your needs: schedule, lifestyle, beliefs and health.

I can help you find your inner cook, and help you define the flavors you enjoy so that you cook for your own tastes, your own personal cuisine.

Feeling comfortable in the kitchen is the first step toward enjoying the art and science of cooking, so I provide a cooking school setting in the comfort of a real kitchen. I offer healthy cooking classes that cater to your exact needs:

  • Cooking classes for kids
  • Cooking classes for singles, couples, groups

You’ll acquire new skills and easy, tasty recipes that you can use for your entire life! To put a new twist on an old proverb:

“Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to cook fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Group/public cooking classes

I offer group and public cooking classes through:

• Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation (knife skills, soups, re-inventing leftovers, crepes, and so much more)

• Cozymeal (Italian classics, Paella, New American, and more!)

• Full Circle Farm –farm school for kids (group and private classes for ages 6 and up)

• Ocean Grove Charter School (I am an approved vendor for home-schooled kids, ages 6 and up)

Past classes

Read about past cooking classes and demos.