Anticancer recipes based on David Servan-Schreiber’s book


Here are meal ideas and recipes, based on the guidelines in the “Anticancer book” and based on my clients’ food in their pantry/fridge and their likes and dislikes. Each dish builds on the previous one — using leftovers.

An almost complete guide to using tomatoes

Tomatoes, dehydrated, juiced 01

Options aplenty! Here’s an almost complete guide to using tomatoes: whole, chopped, sliced and blended. Several recipes, too, ones that might be unique to you. Enjoy!

Vegan version of a Caprese Salad

03Caprese Salad, Antipasto, Stillheart, 14 people

I served this vegan version of a Caprese Salad for a group of 14 women at Stillheart. It was a HUGE hit …. the flavors, the textures and the adventure of eating it — with a steak knife.

Caprese Salad, a cheese-free version

The stack: Fennel slice, Apple slice, Tomato slice, Mashed Potatoes mixed with Coconut Milk, Basil Butter, Diced Yellow Bell Pepper

T’was hard to select a star player of our meal when two of the three dishes really stood out. I’ll give my vote to this one, tho, because it clearly can stand on its own. This vegetarian version of the Caprese Salad was very very good! What a beautiful presentation, too.

Sole dinner w/kale salad and a caprese salad

Fish with butter, fennel veggies in parchment wrap, with kale salad and tomato fennel stack

Fish dinner with culinary student was a success! He can use the parchment paper cooking method for many other dishes. He has plenty of Basil Butter to use on other dishes like soups, fish, meats, salads – too!

“Owning your power as a female leader” event at Stillheart

Stillheart: Female leaders15 (almond butter)

Here is a photo gallery of one-day event I catered at Stillheart Retreat Center. I only wish I could have also participated in the program — Phyllis and Laurie were fabulous to work with, and everyone had such glowing faces throughout the day — nourished by the workshop and the food.

Raw: Pad Thai #2

Raw Pad Thai, Dried Beet Greens and herbed rice

Another version of my Raw Pad Thai, served at a 3-day retreat.

Steamed Carrots and Beets w/Sweet-spiced Fruit Coulis

Intel - Steamed carrots and beets1

I love love love the bamboo steamer, it cooks evenly and fast, and rinses clean. Just fill the pan with water, bring to high heat, put as many layers of bamboo units as you need and let it steam. Definitely need to use hot pads -oh, that’s a midwest term for “oven mits.”

A French Laundry brunch, Joni style


9 July, Saturday brunch

Raw Thai Basil Bites with Bell Pepper Chips

Simple, sweet, refreshing… Cut a bell pepper into bite-size squares. (See video below: How to cut a bell pepper with no seed mess.) Add a dollop of Pad Thai sauce to each square, see recipe, below. Top with fresh basil leaf. Pad Thai sauce Mix in blender or food processor: 1/2 can coconut milk (solids […]