… and the winner is: Dragon fruit!


See below for my recipes and links to more Dragon Fruit info and recipes.   It’s time to add another queen to the Super Fruit Throne … and the winner is: Pitaya (pi-TAH-ya),¬†or pitahaya, better known here in the U.S. as Dragon Fruit. Reigning fruits have been: mangosteen acai noni goji blueberries … and now […]

How to freeze blueberries


Follow these steps to make your own frozen blueberries (actually, you can use these steps for most fruits) Step #1: wash the blueberries (I shampoo’m with “Veggie Wash,” then rince’m). Step #2: gently dry them with a paper towel, hand towel, or let them air dry on a baking cooling stand. Step #3: put the […]

Six blueberry recipes


Blueberries are in! and here are 6 ideas for you to use’m…. Blueberry Port Sauce (for red meats), Blueberry Orange Sauce (for poultry), Blueberry Sweet-Spiced Pudding, Blueberry Vinegar (for fish, salads), a soured dip for a Fish Frittata and last, but not least – Frozen blueberries.

What to do with under-ripe fruit

peaches plums

We are starting to see the first pickings of our summer fruits yet they lack the complex flavors, juiciness and sweetness that we soooo enjoy of tree-ripened fruits. I urge you not to pass them up, they have plenty of nutrients for us. Here are 7 ways to bring in some complexity, draw out their juices and give’m a bit of sweet boost.

How to open, freeze and juice pomegranates


This is a photo essay, words will come another time.