Joni’s food gallery

Here is a collection of foods I’ve made, in all dietary programs (Bulletproof, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw, etc). Most can be changed to match your dietary needs. See more food photos on Facebook.

Paleo potluck food gallery

Cooking demos at appliance stores, gallery

A photo gallery of the food I made during cooking demos at appliance stores. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Photo gallery of lunches and dinners

A photo gallery with 152 images of food…. lunch, snack and dinners for 2 people, 4 weeks, 5 days/week. (July 2014)

Photo gallery, dinner for 12, a 6-course meal

dinner for 12, halibut with mango jalapeno, marinated carrots

A 6-course birthday dinner for 12 ….carrots stuffed with mousse, salad with wrapped bread sticks, halibut with mango jalapeno sauce, a sweet sour palate cleanser, filet mignon with grilled homemade polenta, apple galette with mango opaline.

Photo gallery of retreat in Hawaii

Hawaii retreat, food, drink, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Retreat in Kona, Hawaii May 2012 10 women, 7 days, 6 nights The food The scenes

Frozen food items, good for packaging in ziptop baggies

    Click here to see a complete guide to my personal chef services and prices. Click here to see more of Joni’s food. ********************    

Prepared meals, a personal chef

Personal chef, food, dinner, lunch

EAT WELL at home, at work. There’s no time like NOW to make a change. I can help you do that. Some of you just cannot get into the kitchen or cook on a regular basis, yet want to eat healthy homemade food, so I provide prepared meals specifically designed for you. It’s easy once I […]

Joni’s personal chef services and pricing

Supporting you in your journey of good health is my pleasure, my wish, my dream. Personally, since putting attention to my health during the past 22 years, I’ve gone through phases of trials and tribulations. During this past 5-year phase the one thing that has kept me strong and vital is my relationship with food. […]

Plating Magic – finding your artistic flare

This is a class for chefs who already know what it means to make great meals but have yet to discover how to make them look on the plate as wonderful as they taste to the palate. Learn what it means to add the sense of sight to taste and smell to produce dishes that are distinctively who you are and express both your cooking expertise and your esthetic sense.