Cooking classes for kids

KIDS COOKING CLASSES To book a class, click here. Ages 6 years old and up. ONE to FOUR children per class, for 6 – 13 year olds. Classes for 14 and older, please contact me. I am an approved vendor for home-schooled kids, ages 6 and up with Ocean Grove Charter School I’ve taught dozens […]

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Videos: Italian classes Videos: Paella classes Videos: Knife skills   You’ll acquire new skills, techniques and cooking methods to use your entire life! To put a new twist on an old proverb:  “Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to cook fish and you feed him […]

Cooking Classes in Silicon Valley

Enjoy the warmth and intimacy of a cooking class in a relaxed and casual setting. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, I can teach you to make healthy foods fast—with minimum fuss; maximum fun and flavor. Every class offers you hands-on experience and personal guidance from me. I’ll walk you through each step […]

Cooking classes: classic dishes for the home cook to know

Sauteed veggies: chard, zucchini, celery

My cooking classes varies from student to student. Some students want to learn how to cook without recipes, and in that case I teach specific cooking styles. Click here to see “Cooking Methods for the Home Cook to Know.” Other students want to learn classic traditional recipes, here is a list with some of the […]

Private Cooking Classes


Here is more information about cooking classes with me The rates for cooking classes are based on prepayment, in full. Payments can be made through PayPal, Google Wallet, check, cash, bank transfer, or a credit card (plus bank fees). In these hands-on cooking lessons, each person will have their own cutting board and knife. Throughout […]

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes customized for you Request a Cooking Experience × Request Cooking Classes 1 or 2 people, 2 hours: $250 for 1 class $400 for 2 classes Plus food cost These classes are customized to your goals: to learn specific skills, and to cook a specific diet, a specific dish, or cuisine. Generally, I cook […]

Cook Outside the Box “SPICE class” recipes

Spices R us! We made outstanding tasting food! Photos and more info to come.

Cooking class, 10 people, 3 items

Cooking class, 10 people

This was a cooking class for the home-care workers of one of South Bay’s premier Elder In-home Care services. It was a training for the caregivers so that they can provide healthy food to their elder clients.

Cooking class for Bay Area Older Adults

During this social and educational class, we will learn about vegetables, including tips and tricks for storage, preparation, cooking and most importantly of all- how to enjoy eating them! We will work in teams and Joni will teach preparation and cooking techniques throughout the class.

Cooking classes in Portola Valley

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